Onzo bike found on top of a bus stop in Campbells Bay

The bike atop the bus stop.
The bike atop the bus stop. Photo credit: Suppled/Jacy Clarke

An Auckland bike share service is facing a challenge getting back one of its bikes after someone left it on top of a bus stop.

Onzo announced its Auckland trial in October, releasing bikes across the city for users to rent with little fanfare.

The Onzo app allows users to rent a bike for 25 cents per 15 minutes, and provides a map to help them find a bike.

The bikes can be left anywhere - meaning residents could simply hire a bike at one location, ride to another and leave it there.

They've now spread far and wide, the app showing Onzo bikes as far north as Helensville and as far south as Takanini.

The map of Onzo bikes in Auckland.
The map of Onzo bikes in Auckland. Photo credit: Onzo

One spot however is possibly more random than any other - North Shore resident Jacy Clarke discovered an Onzo bike atop a bus stop at the bottom of Park Rise in Campbells Bay on Saturday.

It's not clear how the bike got there, but it's no longer showing up on the Onzo app.

When contacted by Newshub, Onzo said it would take immediate action to bring the bike back to Earth as soon as possible.

The Onzo Facebook page does not specifically say not to leave bikes on top of a bus stop - but doesn't specifically rule it out either.

"Anywhere that has bike racks around, or where it is not blocking other road users, and no private premises without owners prior consent."

When Onzo launched it didn't have a dockless bike share licence, but has since been granted one by Auckland Council, valid until February 28, 2018.