Pest controllers enjoy a bumper year as flies swarm due to hot weather

If you've noticed more flies buzzing around this summer, you're not alone.

Pest controllers across the country are run off their feet dealing with a massive increase in call outs.

Hot and humid conditions have led to an explosion in insect numbers, particularly flies and ants.

Meadowbank resident Wendy Masters has noticed the increase and says the flies came on faster this year than normal.

"We've noticed more insects, especially early on, the flies seemed to come quite quickly this season," she said.

An increase in insects during summer is nothing new, but throw in more hot, humid and wet conditions than usual, and it's a pest paradise.

"We've got, you know, a number of guys out on the road, working 12-14 hours a day, trying to catch up on the backload," said pest controller Brett Rawnsley.

January is the time of year when bugs and insects complete their life cycle, as they come out of their cocoon or chrysalis, form a pair of wings and start buzzing around.

"They're actually looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend," said insect expert Ruud Kleinpaste.

"They smell each other's smell and pheromone, and they say 'well, I might get lucky tonight'."

Unfortunately for us - their 'dates' are usually near lights and food.

"They're really not that interested in what we're doing," said Mr Kleinpaste.

"In fact, they see our house and they say 'well, it's a nice house you built on top of mine, do you mind if I join you?'."

Business is not just booming for exterminators who evict the unwanted housemates, but also those who sell bug spray.

"Insecticides are up 20 percent on last year's sales, so it's been a really popular category," said Brad Rossiter from Countdown Ponsonby

"Particularly with ant repellent, fly spray."

The insect onslaught doesn't end when summer does, but when the humidity and temperature starts to drop, which might not be until early April.