Police arrest man for Lower Hutt hit-and-run

A police officer turns traffic away as the Makawera river flows on the road between Invercargill and Wallacetown caused by torrential rain, Invercargill, New Zealand, Tuesday, April 27, 2010. Credit:NZPA / Dianne Manson
Photo credit: Newshub.

A man has been arrested after a hit-and-run in Lower Hutt on Wednesday morning.

Police had appealed to the public for help finding the man, after he ran over a bystander, who tried to stop him assaulting a woman.

The bystander received head injuries in the incident, but is now recovering at home.

The 30-year-old man, believed to be behind the hit-and-run and family harm, was arrested on Wednesday night.

He appeared in the Lower Hutt District Court, facing various charges relating to the incident.

At the time of the attack, police reminded the public that it is often best to contact the police rather than interfere in an incident.

"The victim's actions and intentions were admirable, and show that our community is full of people who will not stand by and watch this type of violent behaviour," a spokesperson said.

"However, we encourage witnesses to this kind of behaviour to call 111 and ask for police in the first instance, so as not to put their own safety at risk."