Police cat 'Senior Constable Snickers' dies after hit by car

RIP, beautiful creature.
RIP, beautiful creature. Photo credit: Snickers / Instagram

New Zealand's most famous police cat, Senior Constable Snickers, has died on Friday night after being hit by a car.

The news was posted to his official Instagram by his heartbroken team.

"Sadly our beloved Snickers crossed the rainbow bridge last night after being struck by a car," the post reads.

"Snickers provided laughter and mirth to thousands worldwide via this Instagram account. Local residents that met him said he was always happy to share a cuddle or meow with them.

"So from us all, Sniks wherever you may be now may there be lots of biscuits, cuddles and library visits."

The two-year-old tabby was based out of the Whangaparaoa police station, and claimed to be a "working police officer".

Named after the chocolate bar, he was the highest-ranked police cat in New Zealand. He got his start after getting delivered to the station as a youth.

Snickers was known for his community policing approach, which involved frequent disappearances from the station in search of cuddles.

Newshub profiled Snr Const Snickers earlier in 2018.

"I am always on PAWtrol 24/7 and also assist the police with victims when they visit my station giving them cuddles. I am part of the SNAP squad [Sensitive New Age Police]," Snickers told Newshub.

Newshub asked Snr Const Snickers if he had an interesting story about working for the police, and he revealed an embarrassing moment.

"I once got kicked out of the picture theatre up in Whangaparaoa while on patrol, as people were getting alarmed that something was brushing up against their legs," he purred.

"I was only trying to keep their Jaffas safe."