Police release damning 2018 family violence statistics

  • 27/01/2018

Canterbury police has revealed they attend an average of 95 callouts over the weekend.

So far this year police have had six days of more than 40 reports, with 44 on the highest day yet.

Police released a damning video on Facebook, featuring young children holding signs with family violence statistics on them.

"How many of us tamariki are exposed to our mothers being abused?" one sign reads, held by a young boy.

"We don't just witness it. We are EXPOSED," another reads.

"This is my 'normal'."

Integrated Safety Response pilot director Leanne McSkimming says there's been an increase in people coming forward.

"We have seen a steady increase in people coming forward and I think we've really started to lift that veil of it being shameful to talk about."

Ms McSkimming says it's important for people to remember they're not alone.

"We have some amazing family violence providers out there. But ultimately, people should talk to somebody that they trust and seek support."

But perpetrators are being reminded that they're allowed to ask for help too.

"If people can take some time and reflect on getting some help... that's really what we're wanting to do."