Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern uses Kiwi ingenuity to keep cool

Kiwis are well-known for their problem-solving ingenuity, and the Prime Minister and her partner are no exception.

Speaking on the AM Show on Monday, Jacinda Ardern explained the lengths she and Clarke Gayford are going to, to keep cool in the summer heatwave.

"We have what I guess we would call a fan," she said.

"Clarke brought it out last night. It has no front cover, and a wooden base that he has attached."

No no. 8 fencing wire was used in the fashioning of the fan, which also includes a trailing extension lead running across their carpeted floor.

"But it's fanageddon out there - so I'm not complaining," she said.

For anyone concerned about the first baby's safety in such a hazardous environment, the Prime Minister says they will be baby-proofing their Point Chevalier home eventually.

But for now, "It's more Clarke I'm worried about on that front."