Queenstown dairy owners ban customers on cellphones from being served

Queenstown dairy owners are taking a stand against serving customers who are talking on their cellphones.

Fernhill dairy owners, the Douglas family, have posted a sign saying they're fed up.

"If you can't be bothered getting off your cellphone, we can't be bothered serving you. Sorry," it reads.

Mark Douglas says he and his wife put the sign up, because they find the lack of manners "appalling".

"In some cases, they would point with their fingers," he told RadioLIVE on Monday.

"They'd point at the cigarettes or at the EFTPOS machine. They'd just point."

Mark Douglas and his wife with the sign.
Mark Douglas and his wife with the sign. Photo credit: Newshub

It's not limited to the younger generation. People of all ages are coming up to the counter on their phones.

"We've had older gentleman, we've had young guys, we've had all sorts," he says.

"It's just using good manners, showing respect for other people."

Mr Douglas says most of his regulars support his actions. When customers using their mobiles see the sign, they stop and apologise.

"We've only had one negative comment," he says.

"Most people are delighted at what we've done and the stand we've taken."