Reddit names New Zealand's top towns and cities

Wellington. Photo credit: Getty

A Reddit thread has exposed New Zealander's favourite towns and cities in New Zealand, allowing some perhaps lesser known localities to shine.

The thread titled "Which is the best city/town in New Zealand other than your hometown?" invited Reddit users to anonymously share their favourite place and it uncovered some interesting results.

Several responses suggested major cities, including multiple votes of approval for Wellington and one a piece for Auckland and Christchurch.

However the list featured several smaller towns and cities, with many users recalling fond memories of their childhood or unique cultures drawing them in.

Spring flowers in front of the Feilding clocl tower.
Spring flowers in front of the Feilding clocl tower. Photo credit: Getty

"Quite fond of Feilding. Played a lot of badminton there growing up, and they have a race track," one user said.

"Rotorua. Hot pools, mountain biking and 13 lakes make up for a lot of antisocial behaviour," said another.

"I haven't lived in a town in NZ that has that level of Maori culture woven into most levels of society since."

The Waikato River in Hamilton.
The Waikato River in Hamilton. Photo credit: Getty

Hamilton also featured in the responses, but it seemed the comment was more of a backhanded compliment then actual praise for the city.

"My home town is one of the forgettable small towns in the North Island with nothing to really do so I appreciate an oversized version of it in Hamilton," the user wrote.



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