Rene Naufahu's victim's brave message after sentencing

One of the victims of convicted sex offender Rene Naufahu has spoken out after he was sentenced to one year of home detention on Tuesday.

In her statement, the woman - who can't be identified - told Newshub she was proud of the women who stood up to the former Shortland Street star.

"It's a great relief to be finally at the end of a very long and difficult period," she told Newshub.

"While no sentence can reflect the damage done by Naufahu, it is satisfying to see him found criminally responsible and to officially receive the title of 'sex offender', which I feel is much harsher than the home detention he also faces."

Naufahu last year admitted six charges of indecent assault relating to six women aged between 18 and 24. The offending happened between 2010 and 2013.

Each of the six women had been invited to take part in one-on-one acting lessons. Naufahu forced kisses on the women, groped and attempted to touch female students' breasts during acting exercises. He also placed his hand on a student's groin and touched her backside.

The victim told Newshub she hoped his sentencing would protect more women.

"I'm very proud of us women for having found the strength to stand up to Naufahu's offending," she said.

"While it is scary, confusing and lonely to be a victim of sexual offending, it is a comfort to know that the Police and other organisations are there to help and will support you.

"Putting this story into the wider context of sexual offending worldwide and the 'Me Too' movement, I am proud to lend my voice and hope that it goes some way to create a safer world for women."

Following his sentencing for indecent assault, Naufahu said in a media statement that "none of us are perfect" and he was "relieved" the case is behind him.

His passion for acting has returned too, he said.