Residents fight Fulton Hogan's plans to build quarry in Templeton

Residents are trying to put a stop to land being quarried near their houses.

Fulton Hogan plans to extract raw materials for Canterbury infrastructure, but residents believe that dust from the quarry will be harmful to their health.

Narrell Chand is fearful for the future of her garlic business because a potentially dusty new neighbour could set up shop across the road.

"We grow vegetables for sale at Canterbury supermarkets and we were really worried about silica dust that flies from these quarries," she said.

"Not good for human consumption let alone breathing in as you're working."

Two farms nearby have been bought by contracting company Fulton Hogan to develop the land into a quarry.

Ms Chand first heard about it when they tried to drop off a Christmas hamper.

"It didn't feel right to me to take something because you take a gift because you give it in good faith but I thought it was just to calm the waters," she said.

Fulton Hogan confirmed the intention is to get resource consent to quarry the land, but the request needs to be considered by both the Selwyn District Council and Environment Canterbury.

The almost 170 hectare site sits uncomfortably close to the homes of Templeton residents - who are worried the dust will be bad for their health.

Melissa Himin was among the more than 200 residents who packed into a local church for a public meeting about the quarry last week.

"It was raining, there were people outside, there were people standing, there were people kneeling, it was packed there is a lot of concern and anxiety concerning this proposal," she said.

Fulton Hogan says they want to be a good neighbour and is keen to keep talking with residents about their concerns.


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