Second anti-rodeo protest calling for ban

A group of Christchurch protestors want the Government to put a full ban on rodeos.

More than 80 people will gather outside Mandeville Sports Club on Saturday morning.

Holly Button from Animal Justice League says it needs to end.

"We know that rodeo is not entertainment, it's actually animal abuse, and we want to send a clear message to the organisers of the rodeo, attendees, and our new Government.

"New Zealand is meant to be a world leader in animal welfare, and we are a nation of animal lovers, so this kind of behaviour towards animals shouldn't be tolerated by the public."

Auckland's Warkworth Rodeo was disrupted by more than 100 protestors on New Year's Day voicing their disgust.

Rodeo and Cowboys Association spokesperson Michael Laws said last week there is no substance to claims of animal cruelty.

"We don't any introduce any practices that induce anything that we consider that will harm or injure the animals.

"We're trying to provide family-friendly entertainment - there's no entertainment in injuring, or in any way mistreating animals.

"The treatment of animals is paramount for us."


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