South Islanders: 'shut up' about the weather - Mark Richardson

Aucklander Mark Richardson has a heated message for South Islanders - stop complaining about the weather.

"Just before we get to the weather, I want to tell people in the South Island to shut up," the AM Show co-host said on Tuesday morning.

"Just honestly.

"Just count yourselves lucky that when it's hot in the South Island it's also dry."

New Zealand has been experiencing a bout of sweltering temperatures this week, with Tuesday and Wednesday expected to reach record-highs in parts of the country.

But according to Richardson, North Islanders are the true victims.

"So all our stories about what's going on in the South Island - how about actually thinking about us poor people up here in Auckland who have got the humidity to deal with?

"Anyone that's been to Perth or Australia understands that while it's 45 degrees in Perth, it's actually bearable.

"You take 25degC in Auckland at the moment or Hamilton or somewhere in the North Island... it's absolutely unbearable."

Host Duncan Garner and co-host Amanda Gillies didn't look too impressed with his comments.

"How about you think about those farmers down there?" Gillies asked, whilst shaking her head, noting Invercargill may want to take back the key to the city they gave Richardson during his trip.

Duncan Garner called for feedback to Richardson's comments straight away.

"I will read it out to Mark's face for you. Don't you worry."