SPCA 'blown away' by Kiwis' $21,000 donation to injured cat

Tom was left with serious injuries after the attack.
Tom was left with serious injuries after the attack. Photo credit: Givealittle / Wellington SPCA

The SPCA says it's "blown away" by the generosity of Kiwis, who have donated $21,000 to a seriously injured cat whose owner faced homelessness to cover the vet bill.

Wellington woman Jan Walton's cat, Tom, was set upon by a dog on Monday morning at the instruction of the dog's owner.

The moggy was outside "enjoying the sunshine" when a dog owner encouraged his pet to attack him, breaking his pelvis, a Givealittle page set up by the Wellington SPCA says.

"The attack lasted approximately 20-30 seconds, and only ended thanks to the quick thinking actions of a fellow camper, who ran towards the dog yelling.

"This startled the dog to drop the cat and run back to his owners, who purportedly laughed before continuing through Colonial Knob and out of sight."

Ms Walton has only recently pulled herself out of homelessness after spending a year living under a bridge - but told NZME she'd rather go back than put down her 10-year companion.

"I won't kill him," she told NZME.

"I wouldn't kill a 10-year-old child."

But within 24 hours the fundraiser page has racked up enough money to cover the hefty vet bill - likely with money to spare.

Some individuals donated as much as $300.

"We are just so heartwarmed," SPCA Wellington general manager Ros Alford told Newshub.

"It's absolutely incredible, we can't thank people enough for being so incredibly generous.

"It reiterates what we've known for many many years - New Zealanders are such kind, caring people, and when people are in distress New Zealanders get behind them and really help out.

"Jan and Tom certainly didn't deserve what he got on New Year's Day. Jan is a very caring loving owner of her cat and none of them deserved what happened.

"I think that's the reason why people have been so incredibly generous."

Tom has been in emergency care since the attack and will have a full assessment on Wednesday to evaluate "the full extent of the injuries".

"But the money should be enough to cover his care," Ms Alford says.

"We're hoping that he's able to recover from his injuries and he'll be able to go back to Jan and lead the line that he's been living.

"He's had an absolutely lovely life with Jan and that's all we hope for Tom."