Stolen vehicle crashed into police car

The officer was uninjured in the incident, police say.
The officer was uninjured in the incident, police say. Photo credit: Getty

A 14- and 15-year-old have been arrested after they drove a stolen car into a police patrol vehicle in the Auckland suburb of Mangere Bridge.

The officer was uninjured, and able to chase the alleged offenders down and apprehend them.

The pair are now in custody and will face charges, Counties Manukau police say.

The incident occurred on Friday morning at 6:30am, when an off-duty policeman spotted the stolen vehicle and reported it to his colleagues.

A patrol vehicle was then sent to look into it, and after performing a U-turn to chase the stolen vehicle down, was crashed into by those driving into it. They then ran away on foot, but were ultimately caught.

As young teenagers, the two who were arrested are too young to drive - and police say it's possible they were involved in "serious offending" across Auckland using the vehicle too.