Thames-Coromandel Mayor wants storm sightseers to stay away

Thames-Coromandel Mayor wants storm sightseers to stay away

The Thames-Coromandel Mayor is adamant there is no place for rubberneckers around State Highway 25.

Part of the road between Manaia and Tararu has been destroyed by this weekend's storm.

Mayor Sandra Goudie says there's no reason to go near the road, unless you live in the area.

"Every time there is a stream of cars that have to go through, the diggers have to stop work. The more that they have to stop, the longer the road remains impassable. People need to just stay out of the area unless they live there."

Ms Goudie says some of the people approaching have been tourists who didn't realise, but locals need to respect the closure.

The council expects the road will be completely closed for at least a few days.

Ms Goudie says while the weather has calmed down for now, it's not over yet.

"The major concern is repairing it to a degree that it can withstand a repeat performance, so that we have a road that remains viable."

The extent of the damage to the roads surprised her.

"What might look like fairly safe pieces of road were actually hollowed out underneath."

While there's been respite from the wind and rain in recent hours, the end's not quite in sight yet. A severe weather watch has been issued for the southern and coastal parts of the Coromandel region Sunday morning.

MetService is forecasting that up to 50mm could fall on coastal towns in three hours.

"There is uncertainty in the exact location of this heavy rain, and some places within this area may see little if any rain."