Throwback: Sexist advertisements from the 1960s

A trawl through the collections of Archives New Zealand has brought up some blatantly sexist portrayals of women in historic Kiwi advertisements some laughable, some cringey.

A promotion for New Zealand products from 1968 shows us a mannequin that is said to be more convenient than a real life woman.

"They don't get tired, don't need time off to repair their make-up, don't complain about working conditions, and they cost you a lot less than real life dolls," the ad tells us.

A tourism advert from 1962 tells us that women don't like fishing, but the delicate creatures do enjoy going for gentle walks.

"Women of course don't take fishing seriously, but they seem to enjoy it just the same. More feminine than angling is sightseeing, with its gentle perambulations," says the voiceover.

Watch the video above.