UFOs surprise Kiwi farmer

The three lights spent a couple of minutes zipping about.
The three lights spent a couple of minutes zipping about. Photo credit: UFO Today

A Kiwi farmer looking after a cow in labour has caught three UFOs on camera.

Popular YouTube account UFO Today uploaded the footage, saying it was sent in by a subscriber.

"She was watching out for a cow that was about to [give] birth when she suddenly saw this weird light outside over the field," the description reads.

"Her first thought was that these lights were part of a military operation, but after a minute or two realised she was witnessing something else. After the sighting the cow gave birth to 2 young calves.

"She [sent] us the footage and she hopes we can find out what it was she saw."

Viewers were impressed with the clarity of the video, even if they couldn't decide what the lights were.

"Continue watching the trajectory after the light blinks out," wrote TheyLive YouSleep.

"You'll see a BLACK shadowy residual form collect in the area and then disappear. If this isn't CGI...then this looks more like an interdimensional shift/being than a physical ship from space."

"None are moving fast - so why couldn't these be drones?" said Tod C Steele. "That's the problem anymore, too many knuckleheads out goofing around."

"Nothing more than stoned skydivers," suggested Paul Kremastiotis.

It's not apparent exactly where the lights were spotted.

The sighting coincides with the airing of the first episode of the new series of hit paranormal TV show The X Files.