Vicious gang fight breaks out at south Auckland pool

Footage has emerged of a brutal brawl outside Massey Park Aquatic Centre in the south Auckland suburb of Papakura.

The video, filmed on Tuesday, January 2, shows two men walking away from the pool's entrance towards another pair, who are holding a combative stance.

One of the men can be heard yelling "one outs", a Kiwi slang phrase seen as an invitation to fight, as he nears the other group - and moments later, they initiate contact.

After a period sparring, a person who had been standing watching enters the brawl, striking one of the men in the jaw - a punch that sees him fall to the ground.

The man who was knocked down then has his head stomped on as others attempt to put an end to the fight.

After about 30 seconds, police arrive at the scene and administer pepper spray as the brawlers disperse.

The video was posted on social media, where it has since been shared widely.

One page that posted the video claims the fight was between members of the Bloods and Crips gangs. Many of the onlookers were wearing blue and red, the gangs' customary colours.

Counties Manukau South area commander Inspector Dave Glossop told Newshub while the fight "may well be" gang-related, it's impossible to know until they have spoken to the perpetrators.

While there have been no arrests as yet, Insp Glossop said those seen in the video will be spoken to about their actions in due course - and he promises the stomping incident in particular is being taken "very seriously".

Insp Glossop says such fights are common at this time of the year, and often come about when "holidays, good weather and alcohol consumption" coincide.

He also added that he supported the use of pepper spray by officers.