Weather: Blistering heat continues to scorch South Island

It's been another blistering hot day across the country, with temperatures of 30degC recorded on both islands.

While Hamilton hit 30degC on Sunday afternoon, Central Otago led the day yet again with an absolute scorcher of 32degC.

The workers at Nichols Garden Centre in Cromwell had to turn the hose on themselves. With temperatures able to reach as high as 42degC inside, they were struggling to keep the plants alive. They had to do extra watering by hand, over and above the usual sprinkling, to stop them withering up.

Jackie Dann from Nichols told Newshub it was unusual.

"We get the odd hot day, where it does, where the temperatures get up under here, but not for this length of time."

If the humans find it hot, spare a thought for the animals. Local vets have been seeing an influx of dogs with heatstroke, after being left in cars.

Alexandra vet Charlotte Hviid says the problem is when people think they're only going to be five or 10 minutes. 

"They end up getting delayed, and the dog basically cooks itself in the car."

Even going for a walk can be hazardous, with the pavement getting as hot as 55degC.

"They don't have the liberty of being able to put on a set of shoes so what happens is they get burns to their feet and the pads can blister and peel off."

Further north, near Hanmer Springs in Canterbury, a car fire showed how dangerous the heat can be, spreading into the vegetation and prompting a quick emergency service response. 

With an ever warmer few days expected, the message is to take care.



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