Weather: Heavy rain to hit New Zealand

The summer party is over for New Zealand as a heavy deluge hits on Thursday. Most of the country faces a soaking, with rain forecast for both islands.

It's time to break out the umbrella in Auckland, after MetService put a severe weather warning in place. Heavy rain is expected for Northland and Auckland, with around 100-150mm of rain likely to hit. It could be as much as 250mm for Mount Taranaki from Wednesday night until early Friday.

Heavy rain hitting Westland, Nelson and northern Marlborough is expected to ease early on Thursday, but up to 90mm may still fall in some areas, MetService said

Auckland Transport is warning commuters that Gulf Harbour ferry services have been replaced by buses again due to weather conditions, and motorists have been warned to watch out for flooding.

"Our high-resolution model is indicating a slow-moving and thin band of heavy rain across the North Island tonight, producing locally heavy amounts in #Northland, #Auckland, #Waikato & western #BayofPlenty through Thursday," NIWA warns.

"Keep an eye out for flooded areas and take care on the roads, especially during the commutes."

However the rain will bring no relief to those struggling to sleep in the muggy heat.

"The warm air mass that has led to the high temperatures is still sticking around several days yet. This means that overnight temperatures will remain high, and humid, muggy conditions will only exacerbate the discomfort," MetService says.

"With more cloud and rain, the daytime maximum i unlikely to break many more records, but the difficult sleeping will continue."