Weather: How to stop animals suffering in the heat

  • 28/01/2018

January has brought record-breaking temperatures to much of the country, leaving people sweltering in desperate need of a swim.

But as the mercury rises, we're not the only ones feeling the heat. 

Vet Charlotte Hviid told Newshub dogs and cats find it harder than humans to cool down, as they can only sweat through their paw pads and tongues.

She says it's up to pet owners to ensure their animals stay cool during the hottest time of day, which at the moment extends from about 9am to 7pm.

Ms Hviid's tips include wrapping pets in a wet towel to cool them down, making sure they have access to shade when left alone and only walking dogs in the early morning or evening to avoid the heat.

She also has advice for the owners of birds and horses, such as placing birdcages in breezy areas and not riding horses in the middle of the day.