West Auckland store releases CCTV of 'kung fu master' thief

  • 22/01/2018

The owners of a store in west Auckland are warning fellow retailers of the threat posed by a "master criminal" working in the area, providing footage of one of his attempted robberies as a reference.

Hunting and Fishing Westgate posted CCTV footage on its Facebook page of an alleged offender practicing kicks and punches and then attempting to shove a large product beneath his shirt.

His thievery was foiled, however, with the alleged criminal's peculiar actions drawing attention of staff, who called the police.

But that hasn't stopped the store owners from warning other vendors of his kung-fu skills - although the comments are perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek.

"Please be aware of this master criminal working the Westgate area," the post reads.

"We were extremely lucky to foil his plot when we noticed the odd behaviour and the police were waiting for him at the front door during his getaway plan.

"We recommend you do not approach this individual as he is clearly a kung-fu master and should be considered extremely dangerous."

A video from another Facebook user showed it's not the first time the man has been causing mayhem in west Auckland.

Footage filmed outside a nearby liquor store showed him acting oddly in front of a man in a parked car.