What are Kiwis buying as the temperatures rise?

Water, ice, salads and coleslaw are flying off the shelves.
Water, ice, salads and coleslaw are flying off the shelves. Photo credit: Getty

Kiwis have bought 7 million litres of water - the equivalent of drinking three Olympic sized swimming pools so far this summer. 

January has become the hottest month on record across the country, with sizzling temperatures in the mid to high 30s recorded. 

And while temperatures soar, Countdown has analysed their summer sales data to see what Kiwis have stocked up on amid the heat. 

From December 1 to mid-January, more than 108 tonnes of coleslaw, the equivalent to the weight of 54 caravans, have been sold at supermarkets across the country. 

Six hundred-and-forty tonnes of ice, enough to fill more than 20,000 chilly bins, was sold. 

Fans have also been extremely popular around the country and have nearly sold out.

"It's well known that last year, we didn't have a very hot summer, so this year, we are making the most of the hot nights and entertaining as much as possible," says Countdown's merchandise general manager Scott Davidson. 

"We have seen big increases in BBQ meats and salads, and we just can't get enough of sausages wrapped in bread and covered in tomato sauce."

The classic Kiwi combo of onion dip and chips has also proved popular, with chip sales up more than 8 percent and reduced cream sales are up more than 4 percent.

Other summer essentials flying off the shelves included sunblock, insecticides, ice, beer, watermelons and ice cream.

"Once all the festivities are finished, and we start getting back into work and school, we start to think about being healthy again," Mr Davidson says.

"Watermelon, rockmelon, pineapple and honeydew are all big sellers over summer, as well as stone fruit, sweet corn, asparagus and lettuce."