Weather: What to do when it rains?

For much of the country, the streets are running with water, the motorways are clogged with traffic and the bins full with broken umbrellas.

But don't let it dampen your spirits - here are the best things to do now the weather has turned.

Get outside

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Now's the best time to get outside and jump in puddles. Dress up in gumboots and a raincoat and head outside to have a splash.

Alternatively, find a hill and make your own waterslide with a long stretch of plastic and some dishwashing liquid.

Eat comfort food

Weather: What to do when it rains?
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Enough with the summer salads. Now is the time for warm and filling.

Try some hot homemade soup or head out and snack on delicious dumplings.

If you're in Auckland, try Mr Zhou's in New Lynn, or Eden Noodles, Shaolin Kung Fu noodles or Joy, all on Dominion Rd. Joy does some seriously good hand-pulled noodles.

Binge watch

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Maybe it's time to rediscover The Sopranos or The Wire, or try something new.

Some of the best shows out now include Mindhunter, American Gods, Big Little Lies, and Black Mirror.

Alternatively, here's our top 10 Netflix picks for a rainy day.

Bake something

Weather: What to do when it rains?

There's nothing better than fresh home baked treats to cheer you up. Whether you want fresh bread or cupcakes, now is the time to dust off the mixing bowl.

Try these delicious peanut butter cookies for a treat!

Play board games

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Break out the board games and bond with your friends and family.

Frustrated by the property market? Try a game of Monopoly. Worried about President Trump and North Korea? Play Risk 2210 AD.

Other Newshub favourites include Blood Rage, Catan, Gloomhaven, Scythe, Terraforming Mars, Twilight Struggle, and War of the Ring.

Or, if you're sick of the peace and quiet, start a game of Diplomacy instead.