What ever happened to the beach New Zealand bought?

It's over a year since New Zealanders banded together to buy Awaroa Beach - so how is it going?

A crowd funding campaign led by Canterbury brothers-in-law Adam Gard'ner and Duane Major captured the nation's imagination. 

The campaign raised enough money to buy the 7.36 hectare piece of paradise, nestled in the Abel Tasman National Park bush scenery in 2016. 

Nearly 40,000 people pledged $2.28 million to buy the land. 

Duane Major told the AM show on Tuesday morning the beach had changed shaped and seen many visitors since. 

"Word on the street" was there had been "lots of people turning up," he said. 

Even some people from Australia who had contributed money had come over to see the beach they bought, he said. 

Despite an increase in interest, he said it still felt very quiet there most days. 

"It is hard to get to and that is part of the beauty of it, it is beautiful and that's the serenity of it."

"It still feel likes you're alone when you face out to the ocean," he said. 

It had also gone under some minor landscape changes.

Changing from a straight to a "bent" spit, and gaining a pool in the middle of the spit,  which was "cool" thing for the kids to do "bombs", Mr Major said. 

Looking forward there are still plans to return the bush scenery to its natural landscape. 

Mr Major said there was a lot of gorse and there were conversations to be had between the Department of Conservation, Iwi and land owners in the area to make it "more robust for the future". 

Mr Major said a number of people had approached him and Adam Gard'ner to help with other fundraising efforts to stop forest or farms from being bought by oversea buyers, which the duo had to kindly turn down due to being busy. 

Though life had change for him he said "in the face of complexity you can do nothing or do something, and I figure let's just do something and I'm really glad we bought the beach and yeah I'm worried about the changing shape of it and climate change and all these things but were doing something".