Ahipara gunman: School goes into lockdown

A Northland school was put in lockdown on Monday after shots were reportedly fired nearby.

A man carrying a firearm was spotted in Ahipara, and police deployed the armed offenders squad and the Eagle helicopter.

Multiple shots were reportedly fired at a property containing several people, but police say no one has been injured.

Ahipara School was put in lockdown as a precaution. This is now over.

A local business owner told Newshub a man was seen running near the school with a gun.

"They've obviously disappeared to the other end of the village. All the police are there with the road blocked off, no one's allowed down towards the northern end.

"There are lots of cars parked up there and each police car has weapons and things by the looks of it, or policemen standing around as well, and the school's all shut down."

Cordons are in place around Takahe Rd and nearby streets.