Alison Mau launches #metoo NZ sexual harassment investigation

  • 01/03/2018

Broadcaster and journalist Alison Mau has launched an investigation into sexual harassment in New Zealand workplaces, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

"I waited for something to happen here, waited and waited and nothing did," Ms Mau said of her decision to start the investigation with support from Stuff.

She felt the size of New Zealand had held back the #metoo movement, with women and men reluctant to speak out for fear of losing their jobs or their careers in our smaller industries.

"I also think perhaps people just haven't had someone they feel they can trust to come to," she told RadioLive on Thursday morning.

Ms Mau said in the 12 hours following the announcement of the investigation, over 70 people had contacted her.

Many of them had never spoken about their experiences of sexual harassment before, and just wanted to share their story.

"In some cases they are very worried that the perpetrator is in a position of power and will do it again."

One of the major goals of the investigation is to expose serial sexual predators.

"If you are a person who has perpetrated behaviour like this in the workplace over the course of decades, I'm coming for you."