America's Cup: Team New Zealand needs to compromise - Phil Goff

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says Team New Zealand will need to practise compromise as America's Cup hosting plans are finalised.

The Government, with support from Auckland Council, has unveiled a "hybrid" proposal for at least seven team bases in the Wynyard area.

The plan includes restaurants and bars, public viewing and hospitality areas.

It incorporates elements of the Wynyard Basin option, agreed by the council in December and publicly notified in January, and the Wynyard Point variant explored by the Government.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff told The AM Show the option was made possible when land was freed up, and would put more team bases in the peninsula and fewer out in the harbour.

"We've got a limited time to get this through and to get it consented so the more we can find consensus around the Aucklanders that are involved in this area, the quicker we can get this through."

Mr Goff acknowledges the plan isn't what Team NZ had in mind - but has a message for boss Grant Dalton.

"Grant, we want the America's Cup here, and we're going to provide you with what you need.

"It may not be exactly what you want but both the Government and Aucklanders are putting a big investment in this area.

"We want the cup - we'll make it happen."

Team NZ has expressed surprise at the release of the alternative plan.

In a meeting with the Government, council officials, engineers and architects on Tuesday, Team NZ presented a plan for a village housing up to seven teams on Halsey and Hobson wharfs.

Dalton said it would avoid the need to build on Wynyard Point and would cost significantly less than what the government had presented.

Team NZ's plan includes the 75-metre Halsey Wharf extension that is in the process for resource consent.

But Mr Goff says he wants the best solution for everybody, not just Team NZ.

"It's hard to get everybody on the same patch. We've got a bit more discussion to do.

"We're really proud of what Team NZ has done for the country, and we're looking forward to the vibrancy and the event and the exposure it gives to New Zealand and to Auckland."