Auckland Council's 10-year budget up for public debate

Auckland Council's 10-year budget up for public debate
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Auckland Council's 10-year budget is up for public debate.

The budget, released on Wednesday for consultation, will focus on building infrastructure and providing more transparency about what ratepayer money will be spent on.

It includes two new targeted rates to fix the city's ancient wastewater network and combat Kauri dieback.

"We need to raise money so that we separate our stormwater from our sewerage system," Mayor Phil Goff says.

"The other is to deal with major losses from the environment. The biggest is from Kauri dieback. So we've asked for small amounts of money per week."

Mr Goff says he's kept his promise to keep rates increases to 2.5 percent.

"You compare it with some other cities around the country that are growth cities like Auckland and they're talking up to 15-16 percent rate rises.

"So we've worked really hard to keep those rates down.

"Our 10-year budget sets out the critical investment and new funding mechanisms needed to ensure our city can address challenges such as traffic congestion, housing affordability, and protection of our environment. It outlines how we intend to do this while keeping rates low and reasonable."

The budget would see a big boost to infrastructure spending, from $7.9 billion to over $11 billion for the next decade, with the interim transport levy replaced by a fuel tax.

The targeted rates will cost households an average of $1.70 per week.

The council's consultation runs from 28 February to 28 March and asks Aucklanders for their feedback. The Auckland Plan to 2050 is also being released for consultation.


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