Batten down the hatches: Wet weekend forecast across New Zealand

Forget about the beach, Saturday and Sunday are shaping up to be days to stay in and catch up on all the Netflix you've been missing while working on your tan.

New Zealand is in for a drab and drizzly weekend, although the South Island may miss out on it for most of Saturday.

Metservice is forecasting showers for Saturday from Northland through to Blenheim, although Christchurch can expect rain from 8pm onwards.

Thankfully Coast to Coast start and end points Kumara Beach, West Coast and New Brighton Beach are predicted to be free of rain until the race ends.

The North Island will unfortunately be covered in thick cloud much like yesterday for the entire day.

Temperatures may still be warm though with Whangarei and Auckland expected to reach 25 and 26degC.


Saturday forecast:

Northland and Whangarei:  Periods of rain, chance of some heavy in the morning, high of 25degC

Auckland: Mostly cloudy with rain, chance of some heavy in the morning, high of 26degC

Hamilton and Waikato: Periods of rain, chance of thunder in the afternoon, high of 25degC

Tauranga: Rain at times and easterly winds, high of 25degC

New Plymouth: Periods of rain, chance of some heavy showers, high of 24degC

Napier: Occasional rain, predicted to clear in the evening, high of 23degC

Wellington: Cloudy, rain developing this afternoon high of 23degC

Nelson:  Small amount of rain at times, high of 24degC

Greymouth: Increasing cloud, some rain from late evening, high of 24degC

Christchurch: Cloudy with some drizzle but fine breaks in the afternoon, high of 23degC

Dunedin: Often cloudy, some drizzle from evening, high of 21degC

Invercargill: Thick clouds and light winds, high of 23degC