Campsite devastated in Piha flash flooding

A west Auckland community is rallying together after flash floods swept through the Waitakeres on Saturday, killing two people.

Around 100 people were also evacuated, 60 of those from the Piha Mill Camp.

Manager Peter Kruger says he wasn't equipped for the speed of the flooding.

"The river rose really, really quick, pushed over its bank really quick, flooded really quick. Don't think you're prepared for something like that.

"You always see it on TV and in movies but you don't know how quickly it happens until it happens to you."

Mr Kruger says the fire service burst into action as soon as they arrived at the scene.

"The fire brigade were awesome. They were on the scene quickly, the evacuation happened really quickly. They were really well organised and they took care of us really well. I'm really impressed with them."

Now, Mr Kruger has a campsite clean-up on his hands.

"The main building the toilet block, workshop, offices, and everything is flooded," he said.

"There's a lot of silt on the carpets, on the floors, in the kitchen area. Everything is just muck. There's a big mess.

Police are expecting to release more information later Sunday morning on the two people who died trying to cross a river.