Christchurch journalist pitches idea for bridge or tunnel between North and South Island

A Christchurch journalist has pitched an idea for a more stable option to cross the Cook Strait, suggesting New Zealand build permanent crossing infrastructure.

Julian Lee published the suggestion for a bridge or tunnel between the North and South Island in The Press on Wednesday.

He told Three's The Project that he was shocked by the positive response to the suggestion, saying that while there were detractors to the plan there was also a lot of support.

"One of the most surprising things about this was the Government agencies response," he said

"Treasury, NZTA, Minister of Transport Phil Twyford, Judith Collins who has the transport portfolio for National [were] all sort of really open minded about it."

However there was one big detractor to the plan, half of the country isn't too keen on the other half being able to visit without the help of a plane or ferry.

"The South Islanders, they are not keen," he said.

"Definitely not keen."

Watch the video for the full The Project interview.