Completely naked Tarzan frolics in Dunedin king tide

A king tide might be a reason to avoid the ocean, but for one Dunedin local it was the perfect time for a summer skinny dip.

Video taken during Storm Fehi shows a group of Dunedin locals giggling in their car before Dunedin man Tarzan Macrae gets out and dashes into the violent waves, completely naked.

His friends and passing cars loudly cheer him on, tooting and shouting as he launches himself into the water.

However, after a quick dip he quickly exited the water into the safety.

The video has now been posted to the Facebook page Stupid People Doing Stupid Things.

"Tarzan MacRae in Dunedin today during the King tide warnings," the caption reads.

Unfortunately for Mr MacRae, it appears to have not garnered much attention, amassing zero likes and comments in the 12 hours since posting.