'Creepy' drone lingers above bikini-clad woman in Auckland garden

A remote-operated drone has frightened an Auckland mother and daughter as they sunbathed in their back garden.

Instagram Influencer Morgaine Halligan noticed the drone hovering above her mother's backyard in Mt Wellington one evening last week.

Ms Halligan had just changed, and her mother was wearing a bikini due to the hot weather.

She says her mother often sunbathes in the garden and they're now nervous to go outside after the drone's appearances.

"Now we are wary when outside because we never know when it could be watching," she told Newshub.

"It came back a few days ago and only was when a neighbour notified my mum it was watching her that she realised.

"She was in her bikini with her paddling pool and outdoor shower! She could have been doing anything."

The incident was reported to the police but Ms Halligan says they were referred onto the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

According to the CAA, a drone operator can fly over private property, but needs to seek permission from the property owner before doing so. The same rule applies for flying the drone over people.

A police spokesperson said police are often called to deal with drones, and will forward details on to the CAA if necessary.

"If the [drone] operation causes a safety risk to persons, property or other aircraft - potentially breaching the rules - police will respond and take all the details for forwarding to the CAA," the spokesperson said.

"If a [drone] is used in the commission of a criminal act, police may consider charging the operator with an appropriate criminal offence."