NZ cyclone warning: New storm Gita could be 'much bigger' than Fehi

Another cyclone warning has been issued for New Zealand as a disturbing weather pattern builds up in the Pacific.

Weather Watch says this could cause a "direct hit to New Zealand in Northland and Auckland" and warns it's forecast to be a "much bigger storm than Fehi".

"A tropical cyclone is expected to form in the next day or so in the Fiji / Tonga area," Weather Watch says.

"According to reliable computer modelling the storm will intensify as it drifts westwards and may become 'severe' in the tropics - then starts to curve southwards by next Friday/Saturday."

American weather models show this would cause a direct hit to New Zealand in Northland and Auckland, while European modelling show it could impact on both the North and South Islands.

"This storm is forecast to be a much bigger storm than Fehi was but once again it is still too early to know if it will impact the New Zealand area weatherwise and what shape or tracking it will take on as it leaves the tropics," Weather Watch says.

The Fiji Meteorological Service says there is a "moderate chance" of the tropical cyclone forming over the next three days.

"The most recent tropical cyclone outlook from @FijiMet indicates a moderate chance of tropical cyclone formation over the next three days," NIWA says on Twitter.

"Some rain+wind+wave impacts are possible near #Samoa on Friday-Saturday."

MetService says the weather event is too far away to accurately predict its path or strength, however they are keeping an eye on it.

"We'll put out more information on Sunday or Monday," a spokesperson told Newshub.