David Seymour dances under the stars

ACT Party leader David Seymour has been spotted dancing under the stars at Auckland's Pride Parade.

Video footage uploaded to Twitter by The Nation journalist Mike Wesley-Smith shows him dancing in the middle of Ponsonby Rd in a preview of what's to come for the politician.

On Thursday Mr Seymour was revealed as one of the first contestants for Three's new season of Dancing with the Stars, along with Real Housewives of Auckland star Gilda Kirkpatrick.

Mr Seymour said he's looking forward to adding dancing to his skillset.

"Turns out there is a 'beat' in music and that there are 'steps' you have to learn before you dance. I am terrified.

"On the other hand, there's nothing like overcoming a fear and the charity I'm supporting is very dear to my heart. So, to borrow someone else's line, let's do this!"

The competitive dancing show is set to launch later this year, and will be hosted by The Edge Afternoons host Sharyn Casey and face of Family Feud and 7 Days, Dai Henwood.