Duncan Garner's heartwarming Valentine's Day moment with son

Duncan Garner's no sucker for Valentine's Day hype, but a heartwarming moment with his son left him with a spring in his step on Wednesday morning.

"Sorry to be the killjoy here but it's commercial crap," The AM Show host initially said about the day.

But when his co-hosts noted he seemed overly cheerful for someone so anti-Valentine's, Garner changed his tune - admitting it wasn't all bad.

"I woke up this morning and it was dark and I was trying to get out of the house without Buster realising I'd gone and he was in bed with me because he sleeps with me at the moment.

"And we tried to find each other in the dark, we headbutted, but we didn't let that put us off. He's got a very hard head.

"We continued to sort of flit around in the darkness. But we found each other and we hugged, and I felt his little soft shoulders and everything and he gave me a big hug and he said in my ear 'I love you dad'."

Watch the video.


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