Family affected by Port Hills fire makes tribute honey for helicopter pilot killed in the blaze

 A Christchurch couple has paid tribute to helicopter pilot Steve Askin by making a special batch of honey, from their beehive which was wiped out in the Port Hills fires.

Catherine and Carlton Duston have been going door to door delivering their first ever batch of honey, in memory of Mr Askin who died fighting the fires.

Thirty-five kilograms of honey was made from their hive on the Port Hills, with its own special label dedicated to Steve and the sacrifice he made.

Mr Duston says they didn't know if they would get a harvest after the bees abandoned the hive during the fires. 

"As soon as we knew we had a harvest, we knew it wasn't really for us," he said. 

The Dustons' neighbours on Worsley's Spur were in the firing line of the Port Hills flames, with several families losing their homes.

Ms Duston remembers the day they were evacuated well. 

"I went out to look and the fire there, it had just taken off and it was just huge," she said.

Mr Duston says he is forever thankful for the bravery of the firefighters both on the ground and in the air, and especially Steve Askin. 

"I just wanted to honour the fact that there are people who fly into flames to save peoples’ homes," he said.  

"We don't know the Askins, and we didn’t ask them to do it."

Mr Askin died when his helicopter crashed fighting the wildfires. The decorated SAS soldier and pilot was the only casualty during the disaster.

The Askin family told Newshub they think the jars of honey in memory of Steve are marvellous, and they wanted to thank the Dustons for their lovely gesture.

A year on from the fires and what happened is still raw.

Mr Duston says they will always remember the people who saved homes and lives.

"As long as we live on Worsley's Spur they won't be forgotten."

A heartfelt tribute to the firefighters, and a Kiwi hero whose memory continues to live on.