New Zealand needs to reduce its rape statistics - Quarry attack survivor

The victim of 60-year-old man found guilty of a violent attack on a woman in an Auckland quarry has spoken out about New Zealand's shocking rape statistics.

Speaking through a friend outside the court the victim said New Zealand needs to look at reducing sexually motivated attacks.

"For each individual with a rape conviction in New Zealand there are 99 other rape victims in New Zealand where the offender was not caught," she said

"In 2014 British Medical Journal the Lancet published a report indicating sexual assault rates, out of 56 countries New Zealand had the third highest rate, more than double the world average."

"As important as addressing the causes of climate change we need to ensure New Zealand is a place that we actually want our children, brothers, sisters and friends to grow up in."

She then thanked the police and Crown for their support after the incident.

Colin Jack Mitchell appeared in the Auckland High Court on Wednesday facing three charges in relation to the February 2017 attack.

He was found guilty of abduction, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and assault with intent to commit sexual violation.

The jury of eight women and four men came to their decision after six hours of deliberation.

Mitchell was arrested in March, two weeks after a woman was abducted in inner Auckland and woke up covered in blood at a quarry in Riverhead.

He will be back in Auckland's High Court for sentencing on May 18.