Helen Clark condemns UN's slow Syria decision

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has slammed the time it took for the United Nations to come to a decision on Syria.

The Security Council has approved a 30-day ceasefire to allow aid and medics into the war-torn Eastern Ghouta rebel enclave after weeks of deadly air strikes.

While attending a sold-out screening of the documentary My Year with Helen in New York, the former Prime Minister had plenty to say on the matter. 

"It is a disgrace," she told Newshub of the time it took for the UN to approve the ceasefire.

"How many more people have to die in Syria? How many more people have to flee their homes?"

Now 18 months removed from full time employment, Miss Clark has admitted a return is unlikely - but that doesn't mean she's any less busy, nor any less motivated about global development.

A hectic schedule of events, meetings and speaking engagements keep the one-time Secretary-General candidate busy. She said she's now free to pick and choose the things that matter most to her.

"The world's my oyster."

New Zealand will always be home, and the former Labour Prime Minister was glowing in her assessment of the current one.

"I think Jacinda's a phenomenon, and she's done phenomenally well," she said. 

"She's had a great first hundred days."

When asked what challenges Ms Ardern might face in future, she quoted former UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

"'Events, dear boy, events!' You never know what's around the corner.

"When I became Prime Minister, did I ever envisage the Twin Towers attack and how that would change the way in which the world worked with the US?"

While unforeseen events may pose challenges for Ms Ardern, Miss Clark will continue her nomadic lifestyle with further documentary screenings booked in for Wellington and Sydney in coming weeks.


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