Hutt City Council installs plastic barriers in front of couple's concrete block barrier

Hutt City Council has taken steps to soften the blow for speeding drivers at a street corner notorious for crashes.

Fed-up Naenae residents Blair and Louise Ansell placed six, 2-tonne concrete blocks outside their home in December 2017, after two cars crashed through their front fence.

In January 2018 a man was hospitalised after crashing into the concrete blocks, images of his car after the accident showed the block was barely damaged but his bonnet was severely crumpled.

The council has now added water filled plastic barriers in front of the blocks in a bid to soften the blow should a car hurtle around the corner and hit them.

When they were installed Mr Ansell said he knew the blocks were dangerous but without the blocks his family's safety was on the line.

"It's one of those corners where someone's either going to kill my kids or kill themselves," he said.