'I spent two days at the casino and blew $5000' - The AM Show viewer

A viewer of The AM Show has shared the personal story of their recent struggle with gambling.

The AM Show host Duncan Garner interviewed gambling harm prevention expert Dr Lance O'Sullivan about pokies on Monday morning.

In response to that interview, an anonymous viewer emailed their own story into the show.

"Last week I spent two days at the Christchurch Casino and I blew $5000.

"Now it will take me one year to pay back my credit card.

"I know I went in there by my choice but I was having a shit week before that.

"All around the casino there were signs about problem gambling with phone numbers. Some of the staff knew I was feeding a lot of money into these pokies, but they didn't do a thing. They say nothing."

The AM Show co-host Amanda Gillies noted that this anonymous viewer wouldn't have been the only one in the casino in that position.

The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand has qualified counsellors who provide free, professional, and confidential gambling counselling services on 0800 664 262.

Christchurch Casino has been contacted for comment.