Jetstar ridiculed after mixing up Wellington and Canterbury

It's been accused of "Jetstar geography", and urged to seek help.
It's been accused of "Jetstar geography", and urged to seek help. Photo credit: Jetstar / Facebook

Jetstar's latest debacle has left the airline red-faced and humiliated after it managed to confuse Wellington with Canterbury.

The Australian-owned company posted an image of our capital city to Facebook - but its caption was about 600km out.

"There's just something about flying over NZ that we can't get over, especially when you're flying home. This stunning photo from @divyeshbhaven over Canterbury," it said.

The only problem? The photo was obviously of Wellington, complete with the Beehive and Te Papa in shot.

Angry Kiwis quickly spotted the mistake, which, they say, might be one of the reasons behind Jetstar's well-known delays and cancellations.

The airline has been accused of "Jetstar geography" in the wake of its gaffe, and mocked for its inability to navigate properly.

"No wonder your time keeping is so poor - you have no idea where your planes are," one person commented.

"Might explain why people's luggage ends up in a different city to their flight as well lol," another replied.

The company has also jokingly been urged to use its mapping skills to help Malaysia Airlines with the search for their missing plane.

Jetstar hastily changed the photo caption, and palmed off the mistake by blaming it on their Auckland team.

"Thanks everyone - of course it's stunning Welly! From a plane but not over the plains. Corrected now," it said.

The mistake is still viewable by looking at the post's edit history.