Jetstar thinks Napier is in the South Island

It's the latest embarrassing geographic blunder for the Aussies.
It's the latest embarrassing geographic blunder for the Aussies. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Australian-owned airline Jetstar has been embarrassed by its lack of geographical knowledge again, after erroneously saying that North Island's Napier is located in the South Island.

The mistake was made in an advertisement for Napier's Art Deco Festival, which was listed in Jetstar's inflight magazine.

It was promoted to passengers as a chance to "step back in time to the '30s in this South Island town, rebuilt in the Art Deco style of the time after a devastating earthquake".

The mistake was notice by a passenger on a flight from Auckland to Wellington, Stuff reports, who called out Jetstar for its amateur blunder.

It's not the first humiliation for Jetstar this week, after it managed to confuse Wellington with Canterbury in an online post.

"There's just something about flying over NZ that we can't get over, especially when you're flying home. This stunning photo from @divyeshbhaven over Canterbury," it said.

The only problem - the photo was obviously of Wellington, complete with The Beehive and Te Papa in shot.

The airline has been accused of "Jetstar geography" in the wake of its gaffe, and mocked for its inability to navigate properly.

"Might explain why people's luggage ends up in a different city to their flight as well lol," one person commented.

A Jetstar spokesperson told Newshub they will work to make sure the accident doesn't happen again.

"That's indeed an error in our February edition of our monthly magazine," they say.

"We have alerted the magazine's editor about this one and we will take steps to prevent this kind of mistake to happen again in the future."