Kim Dotcom's new wife says she's 'not a gold digger'

Kim Dotcom's new wife says she's 'not a gold digger'

Kim Dotcom's new wife Liz Dotcom, formerly Elizabeth Donnelly, has spoken out about her marriage to the tech mogul.

She told NZME she's not a gold digger, and really does love her husband and they do have sex.

"Nice cars, nice bags, nice clothes - it's all nice but it's not happiness. It's happiness for a minute or two when you've got it and you're holding it but apart from that, it's when you're with the person you're happy - when I'm with Kim."

Mrs Dotcom says she met Mr Dotcom after he sent her a message on Instagram having seen a photo of her.

She then went over to his apartment a few times and quickly fell for him.

When she told her mother about the relationship, she worried about what her family would think. However, Mrs Dotcom insists they have since come around to the idea.

The newlyweds married in a ceremony in Coatesville, north Auckland, on January 20.

At just 22, Mrs Dotcom is half her husband's age, but she told NZME that doesn't bother her.

"Everyone I was hanging around with was around that age. I'm not the first and I won't be the last (to love an older man). It's just normal to me. And Kim is the biggest kid anyway."

Mrs Dotcom has one semester left at university before graduating with a business degree and a law degree.

While she doesn't know exactly what she wants to do after she finishes school, Mrs Dotcom and her husband are currently working through business ideas.

She says she definitely wants children.

"I want kids really badly and we speak about it every week, every day. I think maybe I want two, or maybe three."

As for sex, Mrs Dotcom says it's "normal" and urges people to mind their own business.

Mr Dotcom was arrested in January 2012 when the anti-terrorism Special Tactics Group raided the $30 million Coatesville mansion he was renting.

The raid was part of a worldwide FBI operation to shut down the Megaupload file-sharing website, which was allegedly part of a huge criminal copyright infringement operation.

Dotcom is currently awaiting extradition to the United States, along with three accomplices.

Mrs Dotcom told NZME it's hard not knowing what is going to happen with the case.

"Kim said it would be years (before it was decided) but I just didn't know much about it. Could it be next year or the next six months? I just didn't know."

However, she says she feels better about it now.

"I'm confident, like Kim is, that it will all be fine. It's still in my head, of course. I'm not that naive. It could turn the other way but then that would be political, not the law."

Mr and Mrs Dotcom began dating almost two years ago.

Mr Dotcom blamed the US Justice Department for the collapse of his previous marriage.