Meet the council staff keeping Auckland's restaurants clean

Newshub published a story outlining Auckland's dirtiest restaurants in January.

The article listed every D- and E-rated eatery in the city, with 26 eateries having the two lowest scores at the time.

So what does it take to pass or fail a health inspection?

"A D-grade means that faults that are not a critical risk to food safety were found on the premises and intervention by a food safety officer was required," a council spokesperson told Newshub.

"E-grades are issued to businesses with critical food safety risks. When a critical risk to food safety is found, the business will immediately close and will reopen when the critical food safety risk has been addressed.

We wanted to see the process in person, so Newshub accompanied Senior Environmental Health Officer Michelle Muller on an inspection of a fish and chip shop in Orewa

Disclaimer - The fish and chip shop featured in the video achieved an A rating after inspection.

Watch the video to see for yourself