Mike King to tour the length of the country sharing mental health message

Mental health advocate Mike King will ride a scooter from Cape Reinga to Bluff with a message for students.

During his 'I Am Hope' tour, he'll visit dozens of schools to educate them about youth suicide.

On scooters painted by famous NZ artists, Mr King will take seven experts on a four-week tour to talk to school children about youth suicide and mental health.

Mr King says it was about creating openness to talk about these issues. 

"If you're in crisis, I'm your hope, come and talk to me. I won't judge you, I won't shame you, I won't gossip about you, I won't try and fix you ... I'm not qualified to fix you. 

"All you'll get is unconditional love and hope, and if you want to talk to someone I'll come with you."

Mr King hopes to visit more than 70 schools in 50 towns, and that about 20,000 children will hear his message and take it on board.