Money-free 'tourist' is an Aucklander

  • 10/02/2018

One of the travellers at the centre of a controversy after it was revealed he was touring New Zealand with his partner free from money, grew up on Auckland’s North Shore.  

Enoch Orious and Anna Karg have been dumpster-diving and relying on others, including the services of soup kitchens, as they journey around the country.

Their story provoked criticism from many people, who accused them of free-loading and abusing charity.  

In a statement released on Friday the couple said they were now "facing a lot of negativity" as a result of the story, including "some really nasty comments of people wishing us death or being very nationalistic about Anna being from Germany".

It turns out Enoch is actually Aucklander Jamie Burfoot, who grew up on the North Shore of the city and went to Westlake Boys school.

Burfoot’s father Jeremy told the Herald his son was an Australian citizen, but had spent most of his life in New Zealand.

He said his son went by the name Enoch and was a free spirit who liked to drift.

"He's got a good heart" and he was genuinely trying to get by without spending money, he told the Herald.

The couple hit back at accusations they were free-loaders and claimed they had been misrepresented.

"I'm sorry in your books our action was immoral. Perhaps all the charity and kindness we offer as we travel around NZ will soften your idea," they said.

The couple insist they only use resources that would otherwise be unused - approaching businesses for unwanted food, hitchhiking and raiding rubbish bins.

"We just don't want to be part of the rat race anymore," Mr Orious told Stuff.

"We know we can live without money - we just wanted to see if we can travel without money."

The couple's Instagram details their journey, documenting the people who have helped them along the way.