New futuristic predictions at digital conference

The first person to live for 500 years has already been born.

That was just one of the futuristic predictions heard at the Digital Nations conference in Auckland on Monday.

Another prediction that came out of the conference was cheap or even free power for everyone from a massive nuclear fusion reactor currently being built in France that will turn seawater into energy.

"I know that the guys that are working in the space are saying the first person to live to 500 years is probably already alive," says South African futurist Graeme Codrington.

"At the end of every single day, a little piece of your DNA falls off at the end of each of the DNA strands. If we could put that back on at the end of every day, we literally stop you aging."

The technology that can edit DNA is known as CRISPR and is still in the experimental stage but living longer is already a fact, he says. 

Mr Codrington is here for the 2030 summit, a conference to map out the digital future for everyone, including those children who are without internet access.

Digital Media Minister Clare Curran says digital inequality is becoming a new measure of poverty, and will become more and more important as the population becomes more dependent on technology.

The Government is in the process of recruiting our first-ever chief tech officer who will be charged with providing a plan for the digital future. 



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