North Island farm location for Super Bowl advertisement

A New Zealand farm has featured in one of the Super Bowl advertisements.
A New Zealand farm has featured in one of the Super Bowl advertisements. Photo credit: Youtube

One of the Super Bowl's million-dollar advertisements has a Kiwi connection.

A small sheep and beef farm near Piopio in the Waitomo District, between Hamilton and New Plymouth, was the location for Bud Light's "The Bud Knight" commercial.

Suzie Denize, whose family owns the farm, says she loved having the advert filmed on the farm.

"It was great - we got a kick out of it."

Ms Denzie says the advert was shot just before Christmas and was one of the largest television commercials to be shot in Australasia last year, with around 300 crew on site.

The advert depicts a medieval war between two armies fighting over the beer. The Bud Knight arrives, stopping the war and getting the beer for one of the armies.

The advert was filmed on Ms Denzie's brother- and sister-in-law's property. Her and her husband's farm, where they run Hairy Feet Waitomo Tours, surrounds it.

The farm is no stranger to the spotlight, having had scenes from The Hobbit trilogy and other adverts shot on the farm.

Ms Denzie says she felt "very proud" a big American film company had chosen the small township to film the ad.

"We can feel quite proud that they came to the area."

She says her brother-in-law, Brendon, took time off work to help the crew out, which was a good break from the usual "drenching, dipping and dagging" at this time of year.

"People are doing amazing things here every day... We're all doing our bit to keep New Zealand ticking, but when you get recognition from such a large company like Bud, they choose here to film, it's quite incredible really."